Wayo Exchange in Japan (Week 3): Friday

Today is our last day at Wayo! We met at 9:00am to work on our outstanding reports and discuss issues and perceptions of the last three weeks. Each of us prepared our speeches of gratitude at the farewell lunch. Ikuko-san arrived at 10:00am for our evaluation of the 3rd week and 3 weeks as a whole in detail. We shared more stories and observations about our individual experiences here in Japan. We couldn’t believe how much we accomplished in three weeks and we are all very sad to leave the friends we made. Despite our language barriers, we were able to develop such strong friendships and networks with the great people of Wayo. We will miss all the friends we made including Ikuko, Reiko, Sainaa, Momoko, Aney, Yuka, Masako, Izumi, Yumiko and so on.

The farewell lunch started off with speeches from the head of the International Students Office (Hattori sensei), President Keshida and Yumiko-san. Then Dr. Garcia and all of the Brescia students gave a speech to express our gratitude. After the speeches, it was timeweek3-friday-possible-photo_3 to enjoy a delicious lunch which included a variety of Japanese dishes (oishii!). Following the lunch we were showered with presents from Wayo University.  We all felt so grateful for the presents and this experience of a lifetime. We will never forget these last three weeks!!