Wayo Exchange in Japan (Week 3): Wednesday

wednesday-week-3This morning we met at nine o’clock before heading to the computer lab to attend a class on nutrition education practice taught by Yumiko sensei assisted by Saho and Sayuri. During this class we were able to make nutrition education materials to help get the public interested in learning about healthy eating and a balanced diet. We were guided on how to make an “origami” which outlines the three basic food groups; animal products, carbohydrates/starches and vegetables & fruit. All of us were very impressed with the nutrition education materials as they are so creative and effective for teaching.

After a quick lunch before we took the train to the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo. Here we were able to listen to four top researchers explain what they study (e.g., dietary guidelines, physical activity, communicable diseases, energy expenditure guidelines) and how it has affected Japan’s public policies on nutrition. All of us were extremely interested in learning about Japanese nutritional policies and programs. We observed a human metabolic chamber in use which most of us have never seen before. The experience at the NIHN was both fascinating and unforgettable. We left the institute with many great resources and handouts that we can’t wait to share with our fellow students in Canada.