Wayo Exchange in Japan (Week 3): Monday

In the morning, we had a nutrition care management practice class. It is hard to have a class in Japan without speaking Japanese, but it is always good to know how the class is organized here. Once again, I saw the TA check the attendance at the beginning of the class. They go through the names and make the check mark. One practice I really liked about this class was the estimation of the food weight by hand, with 20 different food and food models passed around. Students estimated the weight by looking and holding them in the hand. Since measuring spoons or cups are not always available, having a rough sense about the food weight is very important in the energy and nutrient calculations

Monday afternoon is the third and the last food lab we attended. Therapeutic clinical nutrition practice is held in a smaller cooking lab which has similar structure with Brescia’s. Taga sensei is a young looking gentleman. Students in my group even clapped his shoulder when they were talking to him. Their cooking labs usually have 5-6 students in a group cooperating to make a whole meal. One big difference about this lab is that there was no demonstration about cooking. We experienced the language barrier again as most Japanese students only speak a little English and the recipe we got is in Japanese with ingredients only which made it difficult for us to understand what to do on our own. Fortunately, we could still use unspoken and sign language to communicate and we were able to help with the cooking of a reduced protein and sodium for a renal diet.