Wayo Exchange in Japan (Week 2): Sunday


A visit to Tokyo Disney Sea, the Science museum and Mt. Fuji capped the week for some of us. We had good luck with a few hours of sunshine after a rainy week. We found so many different flavored popcorns all over the park; favorite flavors are corn, milk tea, caramel, black paper, curry. Disney Sea has a very unique snack, a steamed bun with three flavors – yellow tiger tail is filled with ground chicken meat; white buoy shaped bun is shrimp flavored; and the dumpling shape is pork flavored. It is a delicious and healthy choice for snack. One thing that could make the bun even better is to add chopped vegetables in the meat; therefore, with a cup tea or milk, it would be a perfect meal in the amusement park. Technological developments and nature’s bounty were on exhibit at the museum. Mt. Fuji is really a beautiful majestic symbol for Japan.week2-sunday-2