Wayo Exchange in Japan (Week 2): Saturday


Weekend is always a good time to explore the usual Japanese life. Food tasting is a favorite way of exploring many Japanese foods.

The strict regulations to raise a Kobe cow make Kobe beef very expensive even in its original production site. Kobe beef is famous for its beautiful marbling and it iss so tender that it would melt in the mouth. “Sukiyaki” is a traditional Japanese food involving Kobe beef, tofu and vegetable. After cooking it in front of the customers, it is week2-Saturday-2served in a small bow of raw liquid egg. Eating raw food is somewhat popular in some parts of Japan. Beside raw fish (in “sashimi” or “sushi”), some also consume raw chicken, squid, or half-cooked chicken liver.

We all have our preferred way of eating. Most of us prefer cooked foods as cooking makes food tender, easier to digest, and the heat applied during cooking kills most pathogens. For some, they prefer raw foods, such as raw salmon. It is therefore an individual’s choice to mimic some of these practices and try the raw foods or follow their own preference of eating cooked foods.