Wayo Exchange in Japan (Week 2): Monday

Good weather continues on Monday.

We had our second cooking lab to prepare a meal for pregnant and breast feeding women in the fantastic cooking lab, which has a lecture area, cooking area and dining area. The rice combo here which is called a set meal, is usually composed of rice, bowl of  soup, 1/3 cup of vegetable, and a main dish of a piece of fish or meat, and sometimes a dessert of gelatin or fruit. week2-monday

One thing I like about this set meal is you have a balanced diet and a sense of the amount of food eaten in each meal.  Each food is placed in small nice plates or nicely shaped decorated bowls so that each dish looks like an art and there is no flavor contamination. Eating from a small plate/bowl makes you feel more satisfied and there is tendency to overeat. However, with a set meal, it is hard to leave food on the plate when you are full or you have a dish you don’t like, since they do not like to waste food.

Later in the afternoon, we participated in an Ikebana, a flower arrangement class. It is definitely more than arranging flowers. Ikebana focuses on DO (way), creating a bridge between the outside garden and the plants inside the home arranged in a vase. Before arranging the flowers and plants, we wore our first Japanese traditional dress KIMONO. It is beautiful, but difficult to dress with it on your own.