Wayo Women’s University in Japan (Week 1): Monday

monday-01Most of us had to learn our route to Wayo in the dark the night before, and some of us were guided to the train this morning. Successfully we all made it for 10am rejuvenated and excited for our first day at Wayo. Ikuko and Dr. Garcia provided us with our detailed schedule for our first week. There were so many things to look forward to, and we all felt so grateful for the effort Ikuko and the Wayo staff had put into making our first week filled with learning experiences.

As a group we took the elevator to the 18th floor of Wayo’s East Tower where we were greeted by President Keshida, two Vice Presidents, the Cahir of the nutrition department, and many more. All of them gave us a very warm welcome to Wayo. It is very evident that they cherish the partnership we have created together. This program is so special to them and to the students who are lucky enough to experience the opportunities that this relationship has created. They prepared a wonderful meal that included a variety of items that we all enjoyed thoroughly. This is where we learned many of the phrases and blessings to be said during a Japanese meal, such as “ita dakimasu,”which means thank you for this meal. The staff and students were so informative and excited to help us. This allowed all of us to overcome the language barrier and become friends. The view from this floor was unbelievable so we appreciated it for quite some time after the meal had ended.











In the afternoon, Reiko, Momoko, Aney, Izumi and Yuka showed us their beautiful campus and their state of the art facilities. We couldn’t believe how humble they all remained when showing us around. They knew so much and were very happy to share information or answer any questions.

After the tour they decided to take us for “takoyaki” which is like a pancake ball with octopus meat inside. It sounded odd at first but they were absolutely delicious. It was truly a warm welcoming.