Wayo Women’s University in Japan (Week 1): Sunday

After traveling from different parts of the world and changing time zones, we all arrived safely at Narita Airport, in Japan, closer to 6pm (Japan time). Reiko, from the Homestay company, greeted us so energetically. She guided Xiaojie, Fang Fang, Sarah, and Jodi through the first Pasmo (train card) purchase. Dr. Garcia and Reiko led us to board our first rapid train experience where we all tried very hard to stay awake, anxious to meet our Host Families. It was very refreshing to breathe the air as we climbed the streets towards Wayo Women’s University for the first time with our luggage. Ikuko and Etsuko met us in the lobby of the West building of Wayo campus. Four separate host families awaited our arrival in a very bright room on the second floor. We were introduced and given a brief orientation by Reiko before we were joined by our host parents and sent home to eat our first Japanese meal and sleep our first night in Japan.