In Japan (Week 3): Wednesday

Professor Michael Kiestler invited us to join his English class today to discuss the differences and similarities of Japanese and Canadian cultures. We had a lot of fun talking about pop culture, dating, laws, and the general do’s and dont’s of each country. It was very interesting to learn about customs of the Japanese population, such as what age they begin dating, or what they do in their free time.

Later on we engaged in a soba making class in Tokyo with our “Soba Sensei” as well as our Wayo senseis, Reiko and Ikuko. We all had so much fun, and we learned that it is very difficult to create perfect soba noodles! It is basically an art. Afterward we tasted our soba, in the traditional cold way, except for Dr. Garcia who prefers her soba hot! It was delicious, and one of the highlights of the trip.