In Japan (Week 3): Tuesday

Today we visited the National Centre for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo, one of the largest hospitals in Japan. Here we observed the food service process for approximately 600 inpatients. The meals were cooked in a large kitchen with approximately 40 staff around the clock. Afterwards we took a look at their counseling offices, which had plenty of food models and resources for clients. We received a copy of their diabetes handout with cute illustrations and explanations.

After visiting the hospital, we all went to Tokyo Disneyland. We saw the castle as soon as we got out of the station and got really excited. After taking a hundred photos in front of the castle, we went off to find the roller coasters. Our first ride was Thunder Mountain, which was a really fun roller coaster that winded through a mountain. We caught a bit of the parade afterwards with lots of brightly lit floats. The highlight of the night was at Splash Mountain, a huge log flume ride that takes a picture at the end. We went on a lot of the other classic rides like ‘it’s a small world’ and the tea cup ride. We had such a good time that Kelsey and Stefania might go back on Sunday!