In Japan (Week 2): Thursday

On Thursday morning, we attended a clinical nutrition practice class.  In this class, we saw the students work on case studies similar to the case studies we do at Brescia.  These case studies were on Hypertension and Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension.  During this class we had the opportunity to talk to many of the students who are coming to Brescia.  After the class, we had a seminar by Dr. Sakurai, a surgeon who works as a professor at WAYO teaching clinical nutrition.  He gave an interesting talk on his involvement with Japanese medical societies and his strong desire to educate the medical team on critical nutrition support for patients particularly after surgery.

On Thursday afternoon we visited the Fujitsu clinic.  This is a clinic for 10,000 Fujitsu workers, their families as well as ex-workers.  We spoke with the company dietitian at the clinic and learned about the steps involved for someone to see a dietitian.  She showed us many of the food models she uses when counseling and gave us an excellent tour of the facility where we saw the blood labs, the x-ray and MRI machines. After the tour of the clinic, we had a tour of the Fujitsu museum.  Here we learned about Fujitsu’s history and learned about their new innovations in technology.  One highlight from this visit was driving a train simulator and how we found it difficult to control the speed!

After visiting Fujitsu, we participated in a tea ceremony at Wayo.  This was truly a cultural experience learning about how traditional Japanese green tea ceremonies are conducted. In the ceremony, you are offered Japanese sweets and tea.  There are many procedures when taking the tea such as lifting the tea-cup with your right hand, putting it on the palm of your left hand and rotating the cup twice clockwise before putting it down.

thursday thursday