In Japan (Week 1): Wednesday

On Wednesday we got to experience gym class with first year university students and WAYO professor Kumiko Minato. We did stretches, dance exercises with music, played badminton and ping pong. Some stretches are similar to the ones we do in Canada and the dance exercise moves reminded us of the play station game known as “dancefloor”. As well, the gym was very humid and hot, so we used the student’s fans without realizing that they are actually used for dance classes!

After our fitness class we headed to the cafeteria where we enjoyed some lunch. It was our first time ordering food at the vending machine which made it memorable!

After lunch we got the chance to attend a public health class where students had to analyze data for a research study being done by the University. While we observed the class, we were asked to make posters on Canada’s Food Guide, popular Canadian recipes and traditional Canadian foods. It was great practice because it allowed us to think about our own culture and compare our dietary habits to the cultural foods and food guide here in Japan.