In Japan (Week 1): Tuesday

Tuesday morning we walked to an elementary school near WAYO. We were warmly welcomed by the Principal and staff and had the opportunity to sit down with them and answer some of their questions about Canada, as well as they answered some of our questions. We were then invited to tour the school where we observed various stages of the school’s lunch program. First, we had the chance to see the food preparation area, where meals are prepared, served and organized into the different classes. It was very interesting to see how organized and efficient the program is carried out. Next, we were welcomed into different classrooms where we got the chance to see how each meal is distributed. It was amazing to see that the very young students do most of the work! In each of the classrooms, a number of student volunteers are in charge of setting up the serving area, passing out dishes and serving their fellow students. It was incredible to see how involved the students were – from serving the meal to cleaning up.

We then sat down with the students and enjoyed a delicious lunch! They asked us questions and practiced their English, we practiced our Japanese and we all had a wonderful time. At the end, each class presented us with a gift, which was a bag filled with origami figures! Before we said our goodbyes students asked for our autographs, which made us all feel very special and welcomed. Finally, we all headed back to the University where we all decided to head to a nearby shopping area called “Matsudo Station”. Here we did some shopping and explored the town together!