Beach Day

On Sunday, we had a break from our usual busy routine and had a chance to experience the Dominican Republic as a tourist.

In the morning we walked to a local Catholic church in San Pedro.  For me, I thought the mass was similar to one I would go to at home except that I could not understand the language and children singing the hymns added to a more lively atmosphere.

Then we packed up our bags and headed to Santo Domingo.  We stopped in a tourist area and visited a building called the Marcado Modelo which was full of little shops containing lots of souvenirs.  Many people were eager to sell you things and I think everyone learned to bargain a little.  I ended up getting a magnet and a small painting of a sunset as souvenirs of the trip.

For lunch we ate at Pizza Hut then went to a beach in San Cristobal called Playa Palenque.  All the Dominicans were very curious about us.  We were at the beach for about an hour and enjoyed the beautiful view of the water and warm weather- perfect swimming conditions.  At the end of our visit we walked over to the concrete pier and took a few pictures with the locals.


At the beach. (missing Sabrina)

That night we went out dancing at a disco called La Fama.  We had the opportunity to practice the bachata, salsa and merengue dances.  I definitely had a lot of fun even though I couldn’t get the dances quite right and it was great to experience Dominican dancing; a perfect ending to our tourist day!