Monday, February 18

Hi everyone! Emily and Justine here reporting on Day Five of the ASB Trip.

Our first visit on Monday was to the Elizabeth Seton Nutrition Center. We spent the morning playing with the children. There were several rooms of kids ranging in age from two to five years old. At around noon we helped serve and feed them their lunch which was soup. The soup was made from pumpkin leaves and macaroni mixed in to give it some substance. They told us that this soup had an equivalent nutritional value as a piece of meat but a lot cheaper! The kids went for their nap after lunch and we got to try some of the soup. Next we went to visit a rural high school where we visited classrooms and watched a game of baseball. At the school we learned how teachers in the Dominican struggle to be named so that they can be on the government’s payroll. The last stop of the day was to the Saint Martin Shrine which was a little stone building at the top of a hill in a valley surrounded by mountains. We had a magnificent view and took a few photos before going back to our accommodations where we got to watch a beautiful sunset on the beach.

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About Emily Dobrich

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Dobrich. I am a first year student at Brescia University College in the Honors Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics Program. I love traveling and studying languages so I have been so happy to be a part of the 2013 ASB Trip.