Hello Brescia World!

I am sure you are pleased to be informed that I, Anthea Williams, will be bringing you your Brescia Bold information. A little about me… I am extremely humble, no really! I am currently a second year psychology student, actively involved in community work and loving school up on the hill. I am really excited to be involve with Brescia as a work study intern with Marketing, Communications and External Relations (I know, a mouth full). Well keep your eyes posted for more stories and info coming your way.

The Stomach is the way to Crossing-Cultural Learning

Brescia is home to many international study exchange programs, all in attempt to bridge the gap in cultural learning. Recently, an exchange took place to Wayo Women’s University in Chiba, Japan. There two Brescia students, Andrea Green and Gretchen Lee along with Dr. Alicia Garcia immersed themselves in Japanese culture. The students attended classes where the Food and Nutrition students learned how the Japanese prepare food for those with Kidney disease.

Andrea and Gretchen lived with Japanese host families that showered the women with hospitality. They engaged in social events and saw the Japanese  tourist sights such as Tokyo Tower. The students even assisted in producing a cultural garden on the Wayo campus, an addition that will be shared with future exchange students.

Dr. Garcia was excited to be a part of a longitudinal study that looked at nutritional education and it’s connection to elementary school children’s overall health. Andrea and Gretchen will be involved in analyzing the data collected when they return to Canada.

Brescia has such pride in offering international exchanges, all in order to broaden students understanding of the world. Our world has become and Global community and will continue to be connected in so many ways, one of those ways being directly connected to our stomachs!