Community Development takes a BOLD First Step

Elyse Golian and Ashley Hassard are two Brescia students who are currently volunteering in Ghana teaching english at the Sankofa school. Elyse is the first student to go through Brescia’s new Community Development in a Global Context module and will be using this trip as the culmination of her Honours Community Development Project. Elyse is not only a role model for the children in Ghana, but also for students here Brescia!

Sankofa Mbofra Fie is a children’s home for disadvantaged children in Ghana. It provides them with a safe place to sleep, eat and learn. The home believes that with education the children will be able to seek a better life for themselves and help to improve the conditions in their communities for future generations.

Read more about the project on the Brescia web site.

Here’s a note from Elyse about her trip:

“We are working in a small village call Eguafo. David, a Ghana native, owns the school and the orphanage in the village and started both of them about 6 years ago.  There are 18 children aged 6-16 in the orphanage and they all attend the school.  The school in called Sankofa and is one of the only free schools in the Ghana.  It is amazing all the work David had done.

We usually wake up with the rest of the village around 4:30 and go to school around 7:30 until 1 or 2.  If the teachers don’t show up or do not want to teach, which is frequent, then we teach a class or we assist children who need extra help. The school system here is very unorganized and unstructured.

After school we wither the kids from the orphanage in the farm that we all built at the beginning of our trip or we tutor the kids and help them with their homework. The kids are all amazing and it is going to be so difficult to say good-bye to them.

I also can’t believe that it’s almost over! We will be at school all this week and then on Friday we are having a big good-bye party at the orphanage for all the kids and we are hoping to buy a goat for them to breed and sell.”

Here is Sankofa’s website if you want to read more: