Western goes to Calgary

SIFE is an international non-profit organization that works with leaders in business and higher education to mobilize university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Participating students form teams on their university campuses and apply business concepts to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Each year there are regional and national competitions that allow teams to  present the results of their projects, and to be evaluated by business leaders serving as judges. Earlier this Month Brescia’s own Alexandra Jefferies went to Calgary to compete in a SIFE competition with the University of Western Ontario team. This is what she had to say:

My name is Alexandra Jefferies and I have been a student at Brescia for two years. Since the day I moved into Brescia residence I have had many exciting experiences through academics and extra-curriculars. In May I was fortunate enough to compete at the SIFE national competition in Calgary, Alberta with SIFE Western. As a team, SIFE Western was challenged throughout the year to apply what we have learned at University to create real programs that teach people about financial literacy, equip the unemployed with skills to find employment and help aspiring entrepreneurs. At the national competition we presented to a panel of judges not only real results of our programs, but also the emotional impacts that our programs have had on our community and ourselves. During the three days of competitions, surrounded by hundreds of other SIFE leaders from across the country, I was truly inspired to strive for excellence and continue to make an impact in people’s lives.  Being a Brescia student has developed my teamwork, leadership and communication skills and as a member of SIFE these skills have only been augmented. I also got to visit Alberta for the first time, which was an experience in itself. The opportunity to compete at a national competition like this has built my confidence and I appreciate Brescia`s generous support.”

Alexandra Jefferies at the SIFE competition in Calgary