Leenat at the Y20, Day Five: President Day!

Day Five: President Day!

Y20 got ready early in the morning in their best formal wear to meet with the President of Mexico to present him with our final document.

Pueblais three hours away fromMexico City; we had to sit in our best clothes for travel ready to meet the President the moment we got off the bus. After an emergency bus stop (some delegates were not able to handle the Mexican food) and dropping off our luggage at the hotel we finally reached outside the President’s residence.

Each of us was handed a translator went through security and sat in a conference room waiting for the President to arrive. The chair of each working group was assigned to ask a single question drafted from their group. Out of the seven Chairs,Canadawas represented by Serguei Leclerc as Chair of the Financial Inclusion and Economic Stability working group.


The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, answered each question with detail and cared deeply for the youth voice. He promised to make sure that our document will be disseminated to the leaders and Sherpa of each country and taken into consideration.

We were then taken to our final lunch as Y20, a bus tour and then taken to our hotels. It was an accomplishing feeling to have successfully completed our task as the global voice of youth. The time we spent together was sweet and it was evident that we were now part of a new world family.

I spent the rest of my free time with the Argentinean and Columbian delegation to experienceMexico Citythrough the metro (subway). After saying goodbye to the youth left in the lobby, fellow JTCer, Meaghan and I headed back to our room to take a nap before heading back to the airport to go home.


The Y20 was an experience that I can never forget! It shows that youth have a place and voice in this world. We have the power to make a difference and be agents of change. Meeting youth from 25 different countries around the world makes me realize that no matter how different, we are all basically the same. We have a lot to learn from each other and communication and dialogue are the only way we can move forward. I know I met the future Presidents, Prime Ministers and leaders of the world’s most influential countries; this leaves me inspired to reach further, strive harder and envision for my country and myself things much greater!    (pic: I am the one in the red hijab)