Leenat at the Y20, Day Four at the Y20

Y20 Conference

Apologies for posting late, time and deadlines come in the way of posting entries immediately.

Day Four at Y20 started off as we had an interactive session with the Sherpa and Central Bank Head of Mexico. Sherpa, is a term borrowed from the ethnic group who guide expeditions to the summits of the Himalayas, are the personal representatives of the Heads of State and Government of the members of the Group of Twenty. They are also responsible for conducting all the necessary work prior to the G20 Summits. Central Bank Heads along with Ministers of Finance are responsible for conducting the financial track of the G20. This helped us see that most of G20 consensus is reached prior to the Leaders Summit. It is beneficial that Y20 work is taking place prior to the Leaders Summit so our recommendations can be sent and taken into consideration by the Sherpa’s seriously.

Team Canada was also interviewed by Yahoo Mexico on our experiences of the Y20, I hope we find that video.

As working groups resumed, the topic that I was assigned to, The Future of G20, attempted to come to consensus to formulate a final draft. Thankfully an hour later we had a draft that was ‘equally dissatisfactory’ to all parties.

As rapporteur, I was part of the preliminary group that attempted to put the entire document together. Each rapporteur was responsible for sharing the conclusions of their topic to the assembly. After a few bumps and concerns the entire document was passed by the assembly and the Y20 concluded with a successful document!

Y20 then received a police escort to the residence of the governor of Puebla to celebrate. The next day we were to meet the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, at his residence to present him with the final document.

What an honor, what excitement and what an experience!