Leenat at the Y20, Day Three: The Conference Begins

Junior Team Canada began the day as they received their G20 badges and walked in to the Puebla Convention Centre.

With tight security at every step we walked into the conference hall filled with Press, and a beautiful stage set up for the Opening ceremonies. Not only were we able to hear from the Governor of Puebla, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mexico and many other distinguished speakers but we also met the exceptional youth from around the world.

Soon we were split up in our Working Groups where we discussed the various topic agendas of the G20. Topics with global impact such as Sustainable Growth, Economic Stability, Financial Inclusion and the Future of G20. Having a group of roughly 25 global youth leaders in each working group trying to come to a consensus on topics of the G20 really taught me what it is like to do diplomacy. Reaching consensus tends to be a grueling task that takes patience and an open mind.

However I was made second in command as Rapporteur of the group. Two other Canadians also made the Planning Committee as there was one other Canadian Rapporteur and Chair. The Canadian Team was soon seen as playing key roles in each working Group and formulating some of the key ideas.

Our night ended with a great dinner and cultural program. After which for my particular working group I worked with the Mexican Chair, Pablo to draft the Position Document for our team. It is an honor for me to think the words and sentences I made are going to be read by World Leaders and presented to the President of Mexico today.

I am proud that Canadians contributed and made their country proud today.