Leenat at the Y20, Day Two: Mexico City Arrival

Junior Team Canada woke up at 4:50 am this morning to make sure we were at the airport by six for our 8:05 flight. Dressed in our suits ties and formal clothes we walked on to the plane ready for a big day.

Five hours after a bumpy airplane ride (the turbulence was quite bad), We barely had time to breathe as they were met with a Canadian embassy delegate holding an aluminum sign with the Canada flag on it! As soon as we reached, before we knew it we were in a van on our way to lunch right before one of our biggest meetings at the Canadian embassy. Not only did we meet the Canadian ambassador to Mexico, but we met with former central bank heads, G20 directors and the current special representative of the G20 Roberto Morino.

Reaching Puebla late at night, the team strategized on how to best represent Canada. WE met with a few Y20 delegates from other countries and are off to bed for a big day tomorrow.

O WAIT! I am not done yet, we just found out today that all of us will be heading back to Mexico City on Friday to meet the President of Mexico Felipe Caldron at the Los Pinos Official Residence for an interactive session and presentation of our final Y20 document.

Just Unreal….