Leenat at the Y20, Day One: Toronto Training Day!

I arrived in Toronto today, one day prior to leaving for Mexico to get to know the rest of the Y20 Team before departure.

Day One with the Y20 Team

Our team consists of Canadian youth from all the regions of Canada, two from the Atlantic, one from the West, one from Quebec, three Ontarians. As we converge before the G20 we realize that we all have something valuable and unique to bring to the team. The Canadian delegation reflects Canada in its diversity and unique trait of inclusivity.
Our day began with a meeting with the head of the Canadian division of the World Health Food Program, Julie Marshall. The WFP, a branch of the UN is the largest humanitarian organization in the world. We spoke to Julie about how we can better highlight the importance of Food Security at the G20. We also spoke about how the UN needs to have a presence and voice at the G20. Did you know that Canada is the second largest donor to the WFP?.. we should be proud to be Canadian!

We also received a pep talk by Terry Clifford, founder and president of Global Vision about how as the G20 Youth Team we have the opportunity to really make a huge impact for Canada. Not only is this the second time ever that Canada is sending a delegation, but this is at a time when the G20 has become the forum for the globalized world.

Tomorrow, the first thing we do after we land in Mexico City is that we will be picked up by Canadian Embassy delegates and taken out to Lunch. Then, the real fun begins as we are escorted to the Canadian Embassy where we will meet with the Canadian Ambassador to Mexico Sara Hradecky. Just today we received news that along with the Ambassador we will be met with the President of Mexico’s, Felipe Caldron, personal representative for the G20. Oh yah, and the Press.

The day will end with a bus ride to Puebla and the Opening Ceremonies for the Y-20.